Frequently Asked Questions

How "Hot" is it?

The Hornet 2600 has a max output of 12,000 volts. We promise you won't be disappointed.

Is the shaft flexible?

Yes, they are super flexible and not flimsy. We can bend the longer shafts back around to touch themselves without damaging them.

How long will battery last?

Depends on how much you use it. We have included a battery meter just for that reason. Our team roper producing friends are getting between 4,000 - 5,000 runs on one charge over multiple weekends.

Are the shafts proprietary or interchangeable with other brands?

Our shafts are proprietary only to HerculesAG and not interchangeable with other brands. Please only use HerculesAG shafts with the Hornet 2600 handles.

Does it come with chargers?

We supply TWO charging cables (we lose things too) with every handle. They  are compatible with any USB adaptor / charging brick including the one in your vehicle. Adaptor / charging brick not included.

Do you accept Texas Ag Exempt?

Yes, just supply us by text or email the proper forms and we will mark your account tax exempt.  You can find a form HERE if you need one.

How waterproof are they?

Our unique one piece handle and molded buttons are designed to keep water from leaking inside.  We consider them to be water resistant not waterproof. 

 I see a spark inside the handle is that normal?

Yes, that is the way they are designed.

Free Shipping?

Yes, we offer FREE UPS Ground Shipping on orders over 49.99. We try to ship same business day as the day you order.  If you place your order after 2:00 pm CST we will ship next day.